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  Résumé traduit en arabe ..

تحول الشاب الجزائري سعيد كانون الذي يدرس الإنجليزية في إحدى جامعات مدينة نيويورك، إلى نجم في المدينة، بعد مخاطرته بحياته لإنقاذ فتاة أمريكية من أصل آسيوي، سقطت قبل أسبوعين على سكة قطار الأنفاق بالمدينة. وأجرت عدة صحف أمريكية آخرها ''نيويورك دايلي نيوز''، مقابلة معه. وجدد في تصريح له، القول بأن ما قام به ليس بحثا عن المجد، بل لأن الضحية كانت في حاجة للمساعدة

Son geste salué, par le New York Daily News.. voici l'article original du reporter MARK MORALES..


 Said Kanoun who saved a young woman who collapsed girl on the R Train platform at the Atlantic Ave. station.

Nicholas Fevelo for New York Daily News

LIU student Said Kanoun, 25,  who saved a woman who collapsed on R Train platform at the Atlantic Ave. station. and fell to tracks

He’s a real Subway hero.

A Dyker Heights college student who works the night shift at a Subway sandwich shop saved a mystery straphanger who passed out and toppled onto the train tracks at a Brooklyn subway stop.

Said Kanoun, 25, was on his way to class at Long Island University when he saw a woman faint at the uptown R train platform at the Atlantic Ave. stop last Monday morning.

“She started to get dizzy right near the yellow line,” said Kanoun. “I was scared - not for me but for her. I just had it in my head that I had to help her.”

Kanoun sprinted toward the woman after he saw her fall.

“I laid down on the platform and I said ‘give me your hands, give me your hands’ but she didn’t respond,” said Kanoun.

That’s when he decided to jump down onto the tracks and help the unconscious woman who was now bleeding from her head.

Kanoun stood up the fallen straphanger so that other riders on the platform could pull her up to safety.

Meanwhile MTA operators were able to tell the conductor of the oncoming R train to stop before he pulled into the station.

Meanwhile, the woman’s identity remains a mystery. All Kanoun remembers is that she was a young woman who appeared to be Asian and was wearing a large pair of headphones when she collapsed.

Cops couldn’t identify the woman - and all Fire Dept. officials could say was that she was taken to a nearby hospital.

Kanoun - who came from Algeria three months ago and is learning English at LIU - works six days a week making sandwiches at a Manhattan Subway shop on 2nd Ave. on the East Side.

He doesn’t remember most details about what happened; he just knew he had to get her out.

“In my head I knew the train was coming.” said Kanoun. “I didn’t care about the train. I didn’t hesitate. I just jumped in.”

Kanoun’s classmate Malgorzata Kapinos, 48, who was on the next train that pulled into the station told everyone in their English intensive he was a hero.

“He’s a very good person and he has a good heart. Many people saw her fall but no one helped her but him,” said Kapinos.

Kanoun’s English teacher, Jeff Clark said Kanoun came to class that day as if it were any other and didn’t say a word about saving the woman’s life.

“It makes total sense that he would do this. He’s truly a decent guy,” said Clark.

Kanoun - who works at his night job and goes to class six days a week - said he’s not a hero, just a “simple guy.

“I didn’t do it because I thought I would be a hero. I did it because she needed help,” said Kanoun. “I’m just very glad nothing happened.”


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