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oudjedaoui 12/02/2021 18:13

les arabes que power ne quitte jamais pouvoire allah ihatame kome amine ya rab moh usa

sidi oudjedaoui 06/01/2021 02:26

,mohamed ben salmen saoudi 61.000 in prison,,hamad bin isa bahrian 20.000 in prison. israel holds about 4,500 plus 310 are being held in adminitration detention without the right to a trail ,W. Sahara laayoune God knew how many political people on the prison is the name the prison on morroco Tazmamart, Qara, kara, 85.767 moroccan ,seyria,jordan,need the international court to go see the people suffering . kids, young ,old men, women in prison we know the human has the power to do so please in the Middles East people need help from you human right ,thank you

sidi oudjedaoui 04/01/2021 18:43

le darda a3leyeka yahoud wa nassara hata tetbe3 milatihome voila ya hakome el a3rabe khiyana li choubakome

sidi oudjedaoui 02/01/2021 23:02

mohamed selman hi be judge in US is criminal and the government bahrian hamdou allah Jeo Biden hi going to fix the all Middle EAST no more corruption you going to pay what you did ya mounafikine

sidi oudjedaoui 02/01/2021 22:40

free speech and human rights in saudi,bahrian ,egypt,marocco,isreal zerooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

sidi oudjedaoui 02/01/2021 20:24

mohamed ben selmen is number criminal he kill the americain journalist khachokhji mister jeo biden going to judge in USA

sidi oudjedaoui 31/12/2020 17:53

isreal government don t know nothing in human right bat you allah is going to help people in palestine inchaallah moh

sidi oudjedaoui 30/12/2020 18:44

the isreal dream is goneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee thank you lord moh usa

sidi oudjedaoui 25/12/2020 01:26

we asked human right to go visit all prison in the middle east, maroco,soudan,egypte,jordan isreal people suffering thank you mo usa

sidi oudjedaoui 22/12/2020 02:10

is oky israel to build nuclear weapons we don t need the nuclear in the earth thank you moh usa

sidi oudjedaoui 13/12/2020 21:59

voila moh 6 khayene el moslimine hasbiya l allah a3la mekhezene menafikineeeeeeeeeee moh usa

sidi oudjedaoui 05/12/2020 22:56

mister saoudia is the worst government we asked mister biden to check the volume of the human right in saoudia bahrain THANK YOU MOHA USA

sidi oudjedaoui 23/11/2020 22:54

bravo bravo ya cha3b yemene mister jeo beden is coming to help you moh usa

tou ahmed 14/03/2017 11:52

النصرة خونة ليس هم سوريين

tou ahmed 14/03/2017 11:50

نتنياهو يجهل التاريخ الاسلامي

tou ahmed 14/03/2017 11:48

تصريحات نتنياهو مع بوتين تثبت تورطه في الحرب السورية

tou ahmed 14/03/2017 11:44

نعم القوات الاميركية والتركية غازية.