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Nour Elhouda 05/07/2018 19:12

Hello,i writing this message in order to search about a kind advice that will help me to make up my mind and show me the way to my future.
I'm a high school student from Algeria.Next year, i will pass my BAC exam . I want to study Medicine in Dannark but i don't have money to pay all the fees. I am searching about a scholarship that will make my dream comes true. I 'm capable to study in a foreign country and i'm ready to take the whole responsibility to achieve my dreams however when you don't have money,it's really difficult even though you are talented and you get excellent marks.
So,i really need help. Could you give me solutions to fulfill my dream and thank you so much for reading my message .

DECHIR Ghiles 01/03/2016 12:42

je voudrez savoir les démarche à suivre pour obtenir un visa touristique au Danemark SVP

mouzarine madjid 09/04/2015 14:56

j ai ma fille au denmark et je voudrez la voire mai jaipas de visa comen faire pour le visa svp